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Fall 2017: Offerings & Prerequisites and the Announcer

The Announcer for Fall 2017 is here!

last updated: 5-11-17 pm

1) Students who selected the course Ethnic Studies  and received an acknowledgement that they will be able to take the class:
Keep block 4 OPEN during arena.  You will be automatically enrolled in Ethnic Studies block 4 AFTER arena.
2) The links below are to pdfs formatted for letter size paper.  The "One list" is 15 pages long.  The separate department lists are one page each.
3) Find the print small on the "by Department" pdfs?  Most pdf viewers allow easy magnification, e.g., Acrobat "control +" or maybe "command +" to magnify.  Also most viewers allow searching, e.g., on my computer "Control-F" and you can search for teacher names, course titles.

One list

Math Science
English Social Science Visual/Performing Arts
PE World Languages everything else


Change log: 

AP Studio Art Drawing with Janssen:  changed from block 2 to block 3

Fall 2017 Course Offerings & Prerequisites