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Senior Class Corner

Don't forget...

Graduation Requirements Diploma– YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Credits - 230 to graduate
  • Grades/Courses - English, American Democracy, Economics
    • 4 yr colleges – required to pass all courses with C or better
    • Talk to your teacher about missing assignments/tests, etc
    • DO NOT cheat or plagiarize, it will likely result in a F grade and you may not graduate
    • Online courses need to be completed by May 14th

Participation in graduation ceremony

  • No more than three U’s in citizenship – attendance and being tardy are the most common reason that students receive U's
  • No missing books/uniform, or other debts
  • Passed all required classes

Senior Survey: not currently active

  • Every senior needs to fill out the survey in order to collect bids
  • Survey will be on School Loop May 1st –15th
  • What’s included on the survey:
    • Every college that you applied to
    • Where you got accepted
    • Where you plan to attend
    • Waitlist
    • Reasons for attending
    • Different from the Final Transcript Request


  • This will be sent out by SFUSD Transcript Office on July 10th
  • Do not contact your counselor or Lowell over the summer for a transcript request, contact SFUSD Transcript Office – there is a $5 charge for alumni

College Information