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Scholarship Information


VICCI Center volunteers provide information about selected scholarships that they have vetted as being noteworthy for Lowell students.  Some of these scholarships require that the school choose a limited number of applicants.  The VICCI Center serves as the facilitator for that process by collecting self-nomination forms for the Counseling Department.


The list of these scholarships, called the Scholarship Composite List, is posted in School Loop every Tuesday for Juniors and Seniors and their parents.  Look for it along with the Senior Bulletin.  Both bulletins are also included in the Tuesday afternoon School Loop emails. 


You can look at a paper copy of the scholarship composite list in the VICCI Center and on the Scholarships bulletin board in the short hallway near the VICCI Center.  If you find a scholarship on the list that interests you, ask the VICCI Center volunteers for more information.


The PACT Advisor also maintains a listing of local scholarship opportunities.  That list is posted on the PACT bulletin board, which is near the VICCI Center scholarship bulletin board.  See the PACT Advisor for more information.