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Who We Are and What We Offer


V.I.C.C.I- Volunteers in College and Career Information


Named for a long-time principal of the school, the Paul Cheng VICCI Center is the college and career information resource center at Lowell High School. The VICCI Center is staffed by more than thirty volunteer parents of current and former Lowell students who work in collaboration with the Counseling department to provide a variety of information and services to our students.


Resources in the Center


Books/Lending Library


Our library includes a variety of books on all aspects of the college search process, college course catalogs, and prep books for the SAT, ACT and SAT Subject tests.  Most books can be checked out for two weeks at a time.  Present the books and your Lowell ID to a volunteer for checkout. There is no charge.


AP test prep books are available in the main school library.  More books with college and career information are in the school library’s Meyer collection.


If we don’t have what you need at school, check the San Francisco Public Library catalog at . Call numbers 378.73 and 378.161 are used for many college guide books.  The public library allows a 3-week checkout period with a library card.


College Information


We have two file cabinets full of information on individual colleges, including marketing brochures, school profiles and mailings from admissions offices.  Students are free to take duplicate materials.  These files also include the notes taken by volunteers at visits by college representatives. 




We have a few Chromebooks that can be checked out for use in the VICCI Center.  You need to present your Lowell ID card to check out a Chromebook.  There is no charge.


Scholarship Information


VICCI Center volunteers provide information about selected scholarships that they have vetted as being noteworthy for Lowell students.  Some of these scholarships require that the school choose a limited number of applicants.  The VICCI Center serves as the facilitator for that process by collecting self-nomination forms for the Counseling Department.  These opportunities are announced in School Loop and in the weekly bulletins.  See here for more information.


Summer Program Information


Volunteers provide information about various summer internships, academic programs, and volunteer opportunities for students.  These opportunities are announced in School Loop and in the weekly bulletins.  See here for more information.




The VICCI Center is the office of the school’s Registrar.  She is responsible for maintaining the records of students’ courses and grades.  She provides official transcripts of student records when needed by colleges and other organizations.  There is no fee.


Unofficial scholarship records (often called unofficial transcripts) are available in the VICCI Center as well.  You need your Lowell ID.  There is no fee.


See here for more information on requesting transcripts.


PACT Advisor


Please note that due to loss of funding, PACT (Plan of Action for Challenging Times) a nonprofit organization, is unable to provide an advisor for the SF Unified School District.



Our Services


College Visits to the VICCI Center


Every year more than 100 colleges send admissions representatives to speak at Lowell.  They usually have information packets, give a presentation and offer students an opportunity to ask questions.  Sometimes the representative is one of the people who will read your application.  The visits are a good chance for you to put a “face” on a college, to get a sense of what the college is looking for and to show the college you are interested in it. 


Most visits take place in the VICCI Center.  Some visits, such as those of the more popular UC campuses, may be held in the auditorium or the Steve Silver Theater.  Check the VICCI Center calendar to verify the location.


Visits last about 45 minutes.  There are no sign ups.


See here for more information on College Visits.


Help with Personal Statements


The VICCI Center sometimes offers workshops on writing personal statements and other college essays.  They will be listed in the VICCI Center calendar and announced in the school bulletins and on School Loop.  Volunteers will also sometimes review your essays.   Check with the volunteers in the center.  If it is very busy, they may make an appointment with you for another time.


Check the "Applying" section of the College Admissions Guide on our website for more tips on writing Personal Statements.


Practice Interviews


Some VICCI Center volunteers will make appointments to do mock interviews with you.  The volunteers who do this have experience as alumni interviewers.  Sign up in the VICCI Center.


Orientation for Juniors during Reg Classes


During the fall semester, each junior registry class will meet once in the VICCI Center.  Volunteers present an overview of the Center and our resources and services.  Students receive a packet of information to take home.  The packet provides a starting point for their college admissions path.  See here  for more on Junior Reg Visits.


Assistance with College Search


Volunteers are happy to work individually with students during their college search.  Just ask!