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Computer Laboratory

     Mr. Georges Tchikovani, now retired from teaching, was hired in 1969 to develop a foreign language laboratory at Lowell High School.  It started in room 141, and owing to its success, the language laboratory was moved the following year to a larger space in room 209.  The desire to be on the cutting edge of technology had prompted teachers in the World Languages Department to replace its thirty-four year old traditional analog lab with a digital lab that would allow us to integrate modern day technology with language study.  Thus, the language laboratory was moved once again in 2003 to its current location in room105 in the  Science Wing.

     Today, the new Georges Tchikovani World Languages Laboratory houses 47 stations and provides students with audio, video, and computer integration at each student workstation.  Students can explore digital media, play back Internet clips, synchronize text with audio and video, and record their own voices on a student track while simultaneously listening to or watching a digital audio or video-programmed file.  In addition, students use the lab’s technology to supply the Educational Testing Service with digital files for oral Advanced Placement testing.