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Students! You may be wondering how to get involved in journalism.


Put out the newspaper The Lowell and add to!



Journalism is a chance to:


Sharpen your writing skills; all levels of writing skills are welcome.

Possibly contribute to art; photography; multimedia; Web and page design; the business side.

Meet people & work together closely.  Here’s your niche!

Investigate what’s really going on.

Learn to interview a variety of people.

Do something interesting and meaningful while having fun!


And for icing on the cake:

Impress college admissions offices (they like Journalism!)

Have access to Journalism conferences, awards and scholarships.


How to get started:


All grades: drop by S108 and give Ms Matusek or Mr. Williams, the two advisers, a note with your name and registry if you would like Journalism 1 as an elective and have room for a 7th class in your schedule. In fact, even if your schedule is full, let us know of your interest in Journalism for the future.


9th graders, for spring planning of 10th grade schedule: during Arena for your 10-2 English class, take“10-2 (Ethnic Lit) Writing for Publication.”

This English class gives English credit and provides both regular English curriculum and journalism training. Bonus: it takes the place of Journalism 1 as a pre-requisite for Advanced Journalism.

Note, at next self-scheduling, you can sign up for this 10-2 class without making special arrangements on your class request list.