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iPad Cart Info

Cart of 20 (soon to be 35) iPad 2's

The full manual for iPads is found by clicking here.  There is a VGA adapter inside the cart to display an iPad's screen on your projector.  A number of USB and SD card adapters are available to check out and are primarily for importing photos onto the iPad from a regular camera but do have limited other uses as well.  iPads can connect to the internet via the school's WiFi network.  These iPads have all the default apps plus a few additional apps.

Use of the iPads:

Becasue these iPads are a shared resource, they cannot do everything your own iPad could do with your own iTunes account, your own Mail configuration, etc.  In particular, getting files off the iPads is difficult.  Assignments which can be displayed in class and graded in class (eg. students sharing their work with each other in small groups or to the whole class) may be preferable.  The iPads will be wiped periodically to erase all student documents and clean them up.  Do not remove the electrical cords from the cart.  The batteries on the iPads are supposed to last a whole school day so they do not need to be plugged in during class but should be charged in the cart overnight or if necessary they can be partially charged in the cart during lunch, prep periods, etc.

Apps on the iPads of interest to many teachers:

Camera : take medium-resolution still photos and HD video for use in other apps or to play from within the Camera app.

Safari: surf the web for online research, etc.  Cannot do Flash or Java web content but does fine with most sites, including JavaScript.

Keynote: like PowerPoint, create presentations with pictures, text, audio, and video.  Pictures and video can come from the built-in camera or from other sources including from online via Safari.
Pages:  like Word
Numbers: like Excel
iMovie: like iMovie on Macs, import photo stills, music, voice, and video and assemble a polished video
Google Drive: accessed through the Safari app for Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, and Google Slides (click HERE for more info and curriculum ideas).

Specialty apps on the iPads of interest to some teachers:

GarageBand: play piano, guitar, etc.  Record on multiple tracks.
Graphing Calculator HD: a non-TI graphing calculator

MathStudio (was SpaceTime): advanced math app.  It's manual is here.
The Elements: a very visual, interactive look at the elements in the periodic table