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Google Drive Info

Google Drive makes online collaboration easy with one laptop/iPad per child in the classroom.  Most students are already using the Google Drive service to work on projects with classmates outside of class.  The iPads and Chromebooks handle Google Drive applications well.  Google Drive includes:

Google Docs for Microsoft Word-like word processing

Google Sheets for Excel-like spreadsheets

Google Slides for PowerPoint-like presentations

Why you might want to have your students use Google Drive:

  • students can be simultaneously editing the same document
  • students see what each other is typing as they type it
  • a group of students doing an online research project together can come up with one Word-like or PowerPoint-like document
  • each group can choose to share the document with the teacher's email account so the teacher can view it on their own computer
  • teachers (anyone really) can go into a mode which shows which students contributed to which parts of a project
  • students can work outside of class (library, home) on any computer to continue the project
  • it's free vs. Word and PowerPoint which not everyone owns
  • no need for students to email files back and forth and no problem if someone is absent the day it's due because everyone in the group has access to it online from any computer

​Why you might not want to have your students use Google Drive:

  • Docs and Slides do the basics just fine but are not as full-featured as Word and PowerPoint
  • Students sometimes complain that printing from Docs does not look quite like it did on the screen