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Mr. Fong Meets Bill Nye
Mr. Fong Meets Bill Nye

Mr. Fong

Grading Policy

The semester grade is a cumulative grade based on points earned during the 3 grading periods and on final exam. Please monitor your grade on School Loop. Report any questions directly to Mr. Fong.

Mr. Fong
Mr. Fong
Lowell Science Teachers
Normita Balangue Teacher
Catherine S. Christensen Biology Teacher
Lisa A. Cole Health Teacher
Bryan Cooley (510) 377-6234 AP Physics Teacher
Bonnie E. Daley Teacher
Scott Dickerman Physics Teacher
Jonathan C. Fong (415) 759-2730 ex: 3234 AP Chemistry Teacher
Kim Johnson Chemistry Teacher
Theodore Johnson AP Biology Teacher
Alena Killpack Biology Teacher
Shawn G. Laureyns Biology / Physiology Teacher
Bryan Marten AP Chemistry Teacher
Katherine E. Melvin AP Environmental Science / Marine Science Teacher
Christophe A. Newhouse Biotechnology / Physiology Teacher
Randell Prothro (323) 309-1272 Physics Teacher
Katrina Rotter Chemistry Teacher
Richard A. Shapiro Teacher
Michelle Trimble (415) 938-6554 Chemistry Teacher
Mark Conrad Wenning AP Biology Teacher