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Individual Math Faculty Pages

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Mr Cohen

Mr Hoffman

Dr Statmore

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science


Mathematics Department, Mr Tom Chambers, Department Head

The study of mathematics helps students to develop thinking skills, order their thoughts, develop logical arguments, and make valid inferences. The goal of all mathematics courses is to enable students to discern mathematical relationships, reason logically, and use mathematical techniques effectively to solve real-world problems.

Mission Statement

To ensure each student is placed where he/she has the tools necessary for success and to challenge all students to achieve their potential. Courses are standards-based and students master the standards prior to progressing.


Course List, Textbooks and text coverage

The Mathematics Department's Course List provides a listing and description of the classes at Lowell offered by the Mathematics Department along with prerequisites for prospective students. Here (updated August 2013) is a list of textbooks currently used with the sections covered by course semester.


The Mathematics Program

All entering ninth-grade students are tested for math placement. Placement is determined based on a combination of the mathematics placement test and/or the Algebra I California Standards Test that should be given in middle school. If students are unhappy with their initial placement, they may attempt to audit the higher course along with the course they were placed into and move into the more advanced course sequence should be successful in the audited course.  Entering the honors path after Accelerated Math 2H is difficult because honors math courses move at a much more rapid pace than regular math courses. 




Incoming 9th Grade Student Testing and Placement

When Lowell received supplemental test scores for students coming from SFUSD middle schools, we were also informed of a new Administrative Regulation which states that incoming 9th graders who have passed a middle school Algebra course and who score 60% or higher on the MDTP are to be placed in geometry or higher.  While the previous regulation provided a range of values (60-70% MDTP scores) for Geometry admission, the new regulation does not.   

There are several MDTP tests that measure Algebra skills, our placement test being one and the test given by the SFUSD middle schools being another.  Accordingly, to be fair to all, any student scoring 27 – 30 (31 or above are already in Geometry or Accelerated Math) will be placed into Geometry.  This does assume you have passed a middle school algebra class, which is subject to verification.  I am sorry this was not the cutoff published in my May letter.

Still, Algebra is the foundation of future mathematics and if you/your student is weak (particularly in the low 60% range) you may want to consider repeating Algebra.   A written request from a parent requesting Algebra will be honored over the district’s Administrative Regulation.