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Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

The SFUSD Math Placement Policy for incoming 9th graders

School Board Math Placement policy (PDF) which was approved June 14, 2016 Some students may be able to take a Mathematics Validation Test (MVT), which is being controlled by and administered by the District.  Although the administrative regulation is not available, we are told that at least some incoming 9th graders will be receiving This letter which provides guidance (PDF).

Math Validation Test

The District will administer the Math Validation Test for those incoming freshmen authorized to take it on Saturday, May 12, and again on Saturday, August 25. Registration for the May 12 administration will be open from March 1 through April 28. More Information


Mathematics Department, Mr Karl Hoffman, Department Head

The study of mathematics helps students to develop thinking skills, order their thoughts, develop logical arguments, and make valid inferences. The goal of all mathematics courses is to enable students to discern mathematical relationships, reason logically, and use mathematical techniques effectively to solve real-world problems.

Mission Statement

To ensure each student is placed where he/she has the tools necessary for success and to challenge all students to achieve their potential. Courses are standards-based and students master the standards prior to progressing.


Course List, Textbooks and text coverage

The Mathematics Department's Course List provides a listing and description of the classes at Lowell offered by the Mathematics Department along with prerequisites for prospective students. Here (updated Fall 2018) is a list of textbooks currently used with the sections covered by course semester.


The Core Mathematics Class(es)

Other electives:  AP Statistics and a Computer Science program (see diagram near the bottom of this page.)

Math testing flowchart

Computer Science flowchart