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Wellness 101


What is the Lowell Wellness Program?

The Lowell Wellness Program coordinates and provides health, mental health, and substance abuse services and programs for Lowell students on campus.


What kinds of issues does Wellness address?

Wellness addresses a wide variety of issues such as:


  • Stress/Worry

  • Depression & Suicide

  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Questions

  • Violence and Abuse

  • Resource & Referral

  • Sexual Harassment Issues

  • School Adjustment Issues

  • Chronic Illness

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse

  • Family Issues

  • Defiant, Impulsive, or Acting Out Behaviors

  • Internalizing/Withdrawing Behaviors

  • Sexual Health

  • Peer Relationships

  • Pregnancy & Birth Control

  • Cultural Adjustment & Identity

  • Quitting Smoking


What types of services are provided for students?  

Students can participate in a variety of services including mental health and substance abuse counseling, nursing services, case management, support/empowerment groups, conflict mediation, referrals to community agencies and more.  The type and content of Wellness services provided to youth are CONFIDENTIAL!


How are students referred to the Lowell Wellness Program?

Students are referred by school administrators, teachers and counselors by completing a Wellness Referral Form.  Parents/ Guardians can refer students by stopping by the Wellness Center in Room 118, calling (415)-242-2575 or emailing chaoc@sfusd.edu.  Students can also self-refer in the Wellness Program Drop-In Center during their free mods and after school.

* If you have a crisis situation, do not complete a referral form – contact a Wellness Program provider immediately for support!   


Who is on the Wellness Team?

*Carol Chao Herring, Wellness Coordinator, Rm 118 (x3020)       *Kin Leung, RAMS therapist, Rm 118 (x3060)

*Xavier Salazar, Community Health Outreach Worker, Rm 118 (x3118)  *Maryann Rainey, Wellness Nurse, Rm 129 (x3173)   


In addition to the above staff, we coordinate counselors, case managers, group facilitators, and interns, from community based organizations (CBOs) who provide support services for students at Lowell.       


How does Wellness address school-wide health and mental health issues?

The Wellness Program coordinates monthly health awareness events, school wide education and prevention activities focusing on a variety of topics such as substance use, HIV/AIDS, violence prevention, etc.  We also offer classroom presentations and specialized groups - let us know if you would like us to come to your classroom to present about health and/or mental health topics!


When is the Wellness Program open?

The Wellness Program is open M-F during school hours. Mondays we are open during school hours (9:30am to 3:45pm). Tuesday through Friday we are open from 7:30am to 3:45pm. Students are welcome at the Wellness Center during their free mods and by appointment.  Student Drop-In Hours/Location are in Room 118 for counseling services or Room 129 for nursing services.


How often will students miss classes to utilize Wellness services?

Students usually participate in Wellness Program services one hour a week.  Wellness Program providers schedule appointments during free mods. If no free mods are available, providers work with teachers to alternate class periods for appointments and/or group sessions if needed so that students do not miss the same class weekly. If a student is falling behind, please call Carol (x3020) or Xavier (x3118).  Teachers always have the right to say NO. Wellness is committed to student’s academic achievement and educational outcomes.


Can parents use Wellness services?

Although Wellness services are funded for youth, we also have health and mental health resources available for families! If you would like support please come talk to us – we are here for you!

Questions? Concerns? Contact Carol Chao Herring, Wellness Coordinator, 415-242-2575, Room 118