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College Information

"Here's a little secret about college: It doesn't really matter where you go.  At least, that's the conclusion I've reached after graduating from and Ivy League university.  What matters is what you do after college.  That's what I've witnessed: countless people who attended unheralded colleges, then achieved greatness through talent, doggedness and the ability to endure failure."

- Alec Klein (Then a journalist at the Washington Post, Presently a professor at Northwestern University, Alma Mater: Brown University)


College Athletics: 

Students interested in playing a sport in college should register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

University of CaliforniaAdmissions offices by campus

Update your application

You can log in to your application to review and, if necessary, change your telephone number, e-mail or mailing address. You can also apply to additional campuses if they're still open.

If there are changes to your academic record

Freshmen: If you change schools, add or drop a course, or fail to earn a C or better in a course after you submit your application, you must notify — in writing — the admissions offices at the campuses to which you applied.

If there are changes to other sections of your application

Minor changes to your activities, awards, volunteer work, employment or personal statement are unlikely to have an impact on your admission decision. However, if you have significant updates in any of these areas, you may notify — in writing — each campus you applied to.

Instructions and Information for Inviting a School Official to Your Common Application Account

  1. Register for an account with the Common Application at www.commonapp.org
  2. Under the tab “My Colleges”- Add the colleges/universities to which you are applying.
  3. Under the tab “Future Plans” – Enter your Term and Decision Plan for EACH individual school.
  4. Under the tab “Applicant” – Fill in personal data, address, phone and email information.
  5. Under the tab “Education” – Complete the page with the following information:
  • School – Lowell High School
  • School Address – 1101 Eucalyptus Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132
  • School Type – Public
  • CEEB Code is 052970
  • Date of your entry into Lowell is – 08/2011 (if started as a freshman)
  • Graduation Date – 05/30/2015
  • Counselor Information:






Maria Aguirre





Jon Fong

Coming soon (@sfusd.edu)




Josephine Ho





Tony Lee





Adrienne Smith





Jeffery Yang





Ivan Yee






  1. Under the tab “Academics” – Complete as much about your academics as possible.  Information for required fields to be complete BEFORE a school official can be invited are:
  • Rank – WE DO NOT RANK
  • Graduating Class Size – TBA
  • Cumulative GPA – Include only academic courses
  • GPA Scale is – 4.0
  • GPA Weighting – Weighted
  • Current Senior Year Courses – Fill in exactly as printed on your schedule.

First Semester

Second Semester

English Literature – 5 Credits

English Literature – 5 Credits

American Democracy -5 Credits

Economics – 5 Credits

AP Psychology – 5 Credits

AP Psychology – 5 Credits

AP Calculus – 5 Credits

AP Calculus – 5 Credits

Physiology – 5 Credits

Physiology – 5 Credits

Art 1 – 5 Credits

Art 2 – 5 Credits

  1. Under the tab “School Forms” – Completely fill out

Release of Authorization – Check the box

Privacy Notice – You MUST waive your right to access your letter. If you do not waive your right, we will not send it.

Signature – Type in your full name and the date

Your Recommenders – Invite Officials

  • School Official Type – Click on Counselor (info will auto fill).  Click “Send Invitation”.
  • School Official Type – Click on Teacher (fill in contact info and subject area).  Click “Send Invitation”.

Parent/Legal Guardian (only if you are applying Early Decision) – Click “Invite”

  • Personal Data – Fill in parent/guardian contact info and click SAVE
  • Early Decision School will be listed – select parent and click SAVE
  • Your parent/guardian will receive an email link to your Common App account – they must sign in and electronically sign your Early Decision Agreement in order for your counselor to submit your transcript and LOR.

If you have completed steps 1-7, you will have successfully invited your counselor, teacher and parent/guardian (if needed) to have your LOR submitted.  Note: fulfilling steps 1-7 above DOES NOT complete your application; you must fill out ALL Common Application pages:  Profile, Family, Education, Testing, Activities, Writing, Signature, Supplemental Questions, Payments, and Submission.

California Community Colleges: Online Application


  • California community colleges are required to admit any California resident possessing a high school diploma or equivalent.

  • California community colleges may admit any nonresident possessing a high school diploma or equivalent or any person over the age of 18 who, in the judgment of the board, is capable of profiting from the instruction offered.

  • Community colleges may admit minors who do not hold high school diplomas, or equivalent, to its credit courses as special part-time or special full-time students.

City College of San Francisco (CCSF)

Current High School Students:

  • Concurrent Enrollment - Students interested in taking college level classes while they are still in high school

  • Dual Enrollment - Students interested in taking Career and Technical Education courses

High School Graduates (for students who will be graduating in 2012 and planning to attend college)

Enroll in the Credit Program and follow the matriculation process:

  1. Apply for Admission

  2. Take a Placement Test

  3. Attend New Student Orientation

  4. Meet with a Counselor

  5. Register for Classes

  6. Apply for Financial Aid