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Lowell Technology Committee Members



The Lowell Technology Committee (abbreviated LTC below) is comprised of members of the Lowell faculty, administration, PTSA, Alumni Association, parents, and students. The Committee serves as a liaison on technology issues between the Site Committee, Alumni Association, PTSA, faculty, and administration. The purpose of the Committee is to prepare and update the Lowell Technology Plan, and to manage the allocation of resources in accordance with the plan, in a manner that provides greatest benefit to the Lowell community.

The current Lowell Technology Committee members are as follows:

Bryan Marten — Faculty; Science Dept. Rep.; Committee Chair, LTC

Margaret Peterson — Administration; Assistant Principal 

Michael Yi — Administration; Assistant Principal

Alex Hsieh — Staff; Information Systems Administrator

Amelia Fitzgerald — Faculty; World Languages Dept. Rep. 

Art Simon — Faculty; Computer Science and Programming Teacher

Brad Williston — Faculty; Library Rep.

Carole Cadoppi — Faculty; World Languages Dept. Rep.

Jennifer Moffitt — Faculty; English Dept. Rep.

John Raya Faculty; World Languages Dept. Rep.

Kevin Sullivan — Faculty; Math Dept. Rep.; School Site Webmaster

Michael Prutz — Faculty; P.E. Dept. Rep.

Rick Girling — Faculty; Social Studies Dept. Rep.

Shawn Laureynes — Faculty; Science Dept.

Sam Williams — Faculty; World Languages Dept.; Journalism Rep.

Ted Johnson — Faculty;  Science Dept. Rep.

Aaron Kwong — Alumnus; Committee Webmaster, LTC

Aaron Pramana — Alumnus

Nicholas Fong — Alumnus

Terry Abad —  Alumnus; Executive Director, Lowell Alumni Association 

Andrew Jenson — Parent 

Deborah Aghib — Parent

Jeremy Uejio — Parent

Lisa Pollard — Parent

Mark Frankel — Parent

Ron Blum — Parent

Scott Simons — Parent