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10% of all sales at the Irving location of Patxi's on 9/7 will be donated to the English department's book fund.  Supporting education never tasted so good!


Thank you to all who auditioned and congratulations to all who were cast. MANDATORY MEETING TODAY at 3:45p on the Carol Channing stage where we will read through this amazing play!


Per SF Board of Education policy, only students who are new to SFUSD and who took Algebra 1 as a stand-alone course in 8th grade are eligible to take the Math Validation Test (MVT).  There are currently 100 students eligible and registered to take the MVT this Saturday. Anyone who is not preregistered and eligible per Board policy will be turned away. 


As background, this is the second administration of the Math Validation Test and is open to students who have satisfied the requirements established in SFUSD's Math Placement Policy, which was approved by the Board in May 2016. 


In July, all current 9th grade families received notice through US mail regarding the optional math validation test and the criteria for eligibility to take the test.   


There was a July administration with 93 qualified test takers and there are currently 100 students eligible to take the MVT this Saturday, August 20.


As a reminder, the criteria for eligibility to take the MVT is that a student must have taken and passed a Common Core State Standards-aligned Algebra 1 course with a C or better.


The MVT is not a mechanism for skipping Algebra. The intent of the test as it is described in the policy is to check understanding after a student has taken a full course of Algebra 1, thereby improving the likelihood of success in later math courses.



Recordatorio a los padres y estudiantes del 9° grado con respecto a la prueba del SFUSD de Validación de Matemáticas (MVT)


De acuerdo a la norma de la Junta de Educación de SF, sólo los estudiantes que son nuevos en el SFUSD, y que cursaron Algebra 1 como una materia independiente en el 8° grado, están calificados para hacer la Prueba de Validación de Matemáticas (MVT). En este momento hay 100 estudiantes calificados y registrados para realizar la prueba (MVT) este sábado, 20 de agosto. Todo estudiante que no esté registrado previamente, y que no califique para llevar a cabo esta prueba, según lo indica la norma de la Junta de Educación, no podrá hacer la prueba.


Para darles un antecedente de la situación, esta es la segunda vez que se administrará la Prueba de Validación de Matemáticas, que es disponible para los estudiantes que hayan cumplido los requisitos establecidos en la Norma para Asignar a los Estudiantes el Nivel Apropiado de Matemáticas en el SFUSD, que fue aprobada por la Junta de Educación en mayo del 2016.


En julio todas las familias actuales del 9º grado, recibieron por correo postal el aviso con respecto a la prueba opcional de validación de matemáticas, y los criterios requeridos para realizar la prueba.


En julio se admitieron 93 estudiantes calificados para hacer la prueba, y actualmente hay 100 estudiantes calificados para realizar la prueba este sábado, 20 de agosto.


Les recordamos que los criterios para calificar para realizar la prueba es que el estudiante haya cursado y aprobado una clase de Álgebra 1, según los Estándares Estatales Comunes Básicos, con una calificación de C o mejor.


La MVT no es un mecanismo para no tener que tomar la clase de álgebra. El propósito de la prueba, como se describe en la norma, es evaluar la habilidad de un estudiante después haber tomado un curso completo de Álgebra 1, mejorando de este modo, su probabilidad de tener éxito en los cursos de matemáticas posteriores.



給9年級家長及學生的溫馨提示–SFUSD數學能力認證測驗 (MVT)















Read this in Español or 中文


August 2, 2016


Dear SFUSD Families:  


I am writing to you on behalf of all of my colleagues on the SFUSD Board of Education.


Given the news of Superintendent Richard A. Carranza’s likely departure to serve as Houston’s new superintendent, the Board of Education has moved swiftly to ensure a smooth transition and continued positive momentum for our district.


While we begin the community process of searching for a new superintendent to serve our district, the Board of Education is united in choosing Deputy Superintendent Myong Leigh as SFUSD’s interim superintendent.


Mr. Leigh has been with SFUSD since 2000 and has successfully managed day-to-day operations and overseen key district initiatives. Our district has tremendous leadership throughout our schools and central offices. Mr. Leigh will be working with a great team at SFUSD.  


We are grateful to have had Superintendent Carranza at the helm for the past seven years--four as superintendent and three as a deputy. Under his leadership, SFUSD has maintained a focus on students’ academic growth through effective common-core aligned teaching and learning while also developing students’ social, emotional and physical well being. Our teachers and other have received more resources to do their critical work, including greater compensation, professional learning opportunities and access to technology.


The board takes seriously our responsibility to ensure the most capable and qualified leader for our school district moving forward. In the near future there will be a public meeting to discuss a selection process for the next superintendent of schools. Our national search process will be inclusive, transparent, and thorough.  


Without a doubt, we will prioritize finding a leader who shares our vision for ensuring every graduate is ready to succeed in college and careers. We will prioritize someone who has a track record of leading around our enduring goals of student achievement, access, equity, and accountability. And we will seek someone who can work with you and our entire community to move our district closer to our vision.


As we embark on the search for a new leader for SFUSD, input from our families is critical. Please check our website, sfusd.edu, for updates on future public meetings where the Board will gather input on the superintendent search and selection process.


All our school administrators are looking forward to greeting you and your children back to school on August 15.




Matt Haney

President, SF Board of Education


Parents – Alumni – Teachers - Community members – Seeking Career Day Participants to represent their careers  For Career Day Mid - October 2016



Do you have an interesting career or know someone who does?


Would you be willing to share your experience with freshmen students who are looking for career ideas and guidance?


Can you refer a friend?


We are seeking participants for the October 19, 2016 - 6th annual Career Day 8AM – 11:30 AM at Lowell High School 


We are looking for professionals in all fields and trades including entrepreneurs.


If interested in sharing a fun morning with Lowell Freshmen who are eager to learn about the path you took to your career and the nature of the work you do – please send your email contact to : Norman Nager  -NagerN@sfusd.edu and I will send you an invitation with details of the event.


I guarantee Career Day will  be a lot of fun for you  and the students :)


Thanks for supporting college and career education at Lowell!