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Chromebook Cart Info

We have 2 carts each with 36 Samsung Series 5 Chromebook laptops.  VGA adapters are inside the cart, to display a Chromebook laptop's screen on your projector.  Students log into their laptop using its Guest account.  

Use of the Chromebooks:

Chromebooks run Google's Chrome OS which cannot run regular Mac OS and Windows PC applications.  What they can do, however, is go online using the built-in Chrome internet browser.   Many teachers will find the Chromebooks useful for surfing the web and performing online research.  They can view most websites just fine including most Flash-based sites but not Java-based sites.  JavaScript sites are fine.  If you have specific websites you want students to access, you should test them out on a Chromebook first to make sure they are compatible.  

The batteries on the Chromebooks are supposed to last a whole school day so they do not need to be plugged in during class but should be charged in the cart overnight or if necessary they can be partially charged in the cart during lunch, prep periods, etc.

Files and apps on the Chromebooks:

On Chromebooks, few if any files are stored locally.  Everything is done on the internet, in "the cloud".  Students log into their laptop using its Guest account.  Once online, they can log into whatever online services they have accounts for including their Google account to access Google Drive (click HERE for more info on Google Drive including curriculum ideas).

Student accounts:

Students should log into the laptop itself using the Guest account.  If a student mistakenly logs into the laptop using their gmail account, then all future students will see that student's login icon on the Chromebook's home page.  Removing that account from the laptop is a pain so avoid this problem by having students log in as Guest.  Once onto the guest account, they can use the Chrome browser to go to Google Drive and log into it with their gmail account.

Returning the Chromebooks:

When returned, make sure the laptops get arranged inside the cart the way they were originally.  Do not remove the electrical cords from the cart.