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SSC: The Lowell School Site Council

The 20-member Lowell School Site Council is comprised of staff, students and parents elected by their peers.  The SSC is the primary policy-making body at Lowell.  One of its important tasks is the development of an academic plan each year.  The plan is intended to provide a focus for the coming academic year.  The SSC uses data from standardized tests, input from community meetings and the opinions of its members to determine which academic areas need attention.   In addition to developing the academic plan, the SSC is also charged with allocating Lowell's approximately $13.9 million budget.

Everyone is welcome at the School Site Council meetings which are typically held once or twice a month on Mondays at 3:45pm  in room 134.  Watch the Weekly Bulletin for specific dates.  The agenda will be posted in the window of the Meyer library at least 72 hours prior to any meeting.

• The School Site Council Bylaws rev, 10-15-15
• SSC Minutes from previous academic years
• Parents' Election Procedures (rev. 8-27-12)

Lowell School Site Council Directory - 2018/19

Department Term Name
Staff   Andy Ishibashi
Parents/Community 2019 Terence Abad
Parents/Community (alt) 2019 Annie Bauccio
Staff 2019 David Beauvais
Staff 2020 Doug Bullard
Parents/Community 2020 Tom Chambers
Student 2019 Evan Chan (1919)
Student 2020 Amy Chang (2103)
Student 2020 Amber Chung (2003)
Parents/Community (alt) 2019 Leonel Dickey
Parents/Community 2019 Stan Goldberg
Student 2019 Steven Gong (1913)
Staff 2020 Louis Grice
Staff 2019 Karl Hoffman
Staff 2019 Esther Hollander
Staff/Classified 2019 Rachel Lewis
Staff 2020 Susan Lin
Parents/Community 2020 Missy Sue Mastel
Staff 2020 Katherine Melvin
Staff 2019 John Raya
Student 2019 Michael Ryaboy (2015)
Parents/Community (alt) 2019 Bryant Woo
Parents/Community 2019 Michael Woo
Parents/Community (alt) 2019 Brian Wu

Regularly Scheduled SSC Meetings

Meeting dates

for the 2018-2019 school year:

Sept 17 Sept 24 Oct 15 Nov 5 Dec 3
Jan 14 Feb 11 Mar 4 Mar 18 Apr 15

Meetings usually at 3:45 in room 340