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The AP Test Coordinators at Lowell are Ms. Swett and Ms. Kwong-Ballard.

The AP Exams at Lowell High School

Note to non-Lowell students looking to take AP exams

Effective this school year 2018-2019, Lowell High School is no longer offering the Advanced Placement (AP) examinations to outside schools. This decision was made due to the number of AP examinations we provide to our own students at Lowell.

Letter to AP students...

To:  AP Students

RE:  AP Examinations

From: The AP Testing Office

Line up outside your testing room…

Please be early for your exams.  Line up by roster number outside your testing room. Roster number is posted on Total Registration when you receive notification. Morning exams will begin seating by 7:30 am and afternoon exams will begin seating at 11:30 am.  Once the exam starts, you will not be allowed to enter the room.

BRING ONLY your Student ID Card and your AP Student Pack (you will receive this on your first AP exam) into the testing room.  We will provide pencils and pens; and thanks to the Lowell Alumni Association, they will provide bottled water and a snack at the break.  Although this is not an extensive list, DO NOT BRING cell phones, cameras, Apple watches, or any electronics that provide access to the internet (even during the break). 

  • Students in AP Biology, AP Calculus AB & BC, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Physics 1, 2, CM, & CEM should check with their teacher as to which calculators are permitted in the testing room.

In the testing room…

Follow the proctors’ instructions.  Any disturbance resulting in an incident report in a testing room may result in the cancellation of scores for every student in that room. 

After the AP Exam…

DO NOT discuss any multiple-choice questions with anyone (including your teacher) at any time.  DO NOT post any discussions of or any part of the AP exam on social media. DO NOT discuss the essay questions until the questions are released to your teacher online.  If anyone violates this policy, it may result in the cancellation of all scores. 

Your scores will be available online in July. 

2019 AP Exam Schedule Weeks 1 and 2

Information about AP exams, dates, fees, etc will be updated on Total Registration. You can access your exam date, time, and room information on Total Registration as it becomes available.