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Lowell High Science Department

Your Lowell Science Instructors (2014-2015)

Biological Sciences Chemistry Physics
Ms. Erin Bird (birde)
Ms. Catherine Christensen (christensenc)
Mr. Theodore Johnson (johnsont1)
Ms. Alena Killpack (killpacka)
Mr. Shawn Laureyns (laureynss)
Ms. Katherine Melvin (melvink)
Ms. Freja Robinson (robinsonf1)
Ms. Dacotah Swett (swettd)
Mr. Mark Wenning (wenningm)
Mr. Jonathan C. Fong (fongj4)
Ms. Kim Johnson (johnsonk)
Dr. Bryan Marten (martenb)
Ms. Katrina Rotter (rotterk)
Ms. Michelle Trimble (trimblem)

Mr. Bryan Cooley (cooleyb)
Ms. Sirly Delariarte (delariartes)
Mr. Scott Dickerman (dickermans)
Mr. Cy Prothro (prothror)
Mr. Richard Shapiro (shapiror)


Science Department Chair: Ms. Dacotah Swett (swettd)


(E-mail contacts provided above @sfusd.edu)

Student's Guide to Lowell Science Prerequisites

Lowell Science Department Course Offerings 2014-2015

Download the Lowell Science Course Offerings 2014-2015 PDF (1.3 MB)

OR click the links at the left for course descriptions and prerequisites. (Updated 2/8/2014)



SFUSD - Two years of science (one year in a biological science and one year in a physical science). Chemistry and physics are physical sciences. The rest in the table below are biological sciences.

CSU & UC requires 2 years laboratory science (9-12); A third year of science is recommended by UC.


These are the prerequisites for entering a science course for the fall semester. Successful completion of the fall semester in a particular is required for continuation onto the spring semester of the same course.


Please be aware of the workload prior to signing up for a course.

Do not sign up for more than you can handle.