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Lowell High Science Department

2018-2019 Lowell Science Course Offerings

Use this to help you choose which science class(es) you want to sign up for:

2018-2019 Lowell Science Course Offerings PDF (1.0 MB)


Lowell High School Science Course Pathways

Lowell High School Science Course Pathways

Lowell Science Department Vision and Goals 2017-2018

Vision: The vision of the Science Program at Lowell High School for our students involves:

  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving through a scientific mindset.
  • Creativity
  • A scientific foundation of knowledge
  • Play a positive role in shaping the future
  • Relevancy of science and importance in everyday life

Goals:  The goals of the Science Program at Lowell High School are:

  • To produce students with personal appreciation and respect for life leading to a positive involvement with the environment.
  • To encourage students to practice rational, critical thinking based on objective observations and open-mindedness, which are the essential ingredients of the scientific method of inquiry
  • To develop curriculum and classroom culture to maximize each student's development emotional and physical safety.
  • To develop skills in manipulating materials and equipment for gathering, organizing and communicating scientific information based on observations and interpretations.
  • To ensure that the scientifically literate person has a substantial base of facts, concepts, processes and skills which enable that individual to continue to learn and think logically.
  • To have students appreciate the value of science and technology in society and to understand its limitations.
  • To prepare for implementation of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • To promote teacher collaboration as much as possible.
  • Note: Our goals are currently not measurable year-over-year. California state NGSS testing commences in 2017-2018. We do have AP score results that can be used to measure our academic goals in those courses.

Your Lowell Science Instructors (2017-2018)

Biological Sciences Chemistry Physics

Ms. Anjana Amirapu (amirapua)

Ms. Catherine Christensen (christensenc)
Ms. Bonnie Daley (daleyb)

Mr. James Dowd, III (dowdj2)
Mr. Theodore Johnson (johnsont1)
Ms. Alena Killpack (killpacka)
Mr. Shawn Laureyns (laureynss)
Ms. Katherine Melvin (melvink)
Ms. Freja Robinson (robinsonf1)
Mr. Mark Wenning (wenningm)

Mr. Jonathan C. Fong (fongj4)
Mr. Geoffrey Gould (gouldg1)
Ms. Ailin Lian (liana)
Dr. Bryan Marten (martenb)
Ms. Michelle Trimble (trimblem)

Mr. Bryan Cooley (cooleyb)
Ms. Sirly De La Riarte (delariartes)
Mr. Scott Dickerman (dickermans)
Mr. Cy Prothro (prothror)
Mr. Richard Shapiro (shapiror)


Science Department Head: Mr. Jonathan C. Fong (fongj4)

(E-mail contacts provided above @sfusd.edu)

Lowell High Science Department

back row (l to r): Dr. Marten, Ms. Killpack, Mr. Cooley, Mr. Dickerman, Mr. Shapiro, Mr. Newhouse, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Prothro, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Rotter

front row (l to r): Mr. Fong, Ms. Christensen, Ms. Melvin, Ms. Trimble, Ms. Balangue, Mr. Wenning, Ms. Robinson, Mr. Laureyns, Ms. Daley

photo taken: August 14, 2015