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Planning for College


Get adjusted to life at Lowell.  Work hard in your classes, find activities to get involved in, and get to know your teachers and counselors.  You've got several years to think about college, right now you should be able to manage your time, know how to communicate with adults and mentors and understand how to maintain a school-life balance.  Think about planning your schedule for the next three years.  Check out the different department webpages to see what's offered. More Information coming soon.

Keep working on the same things you were doing freshman year.  If you haven't found a few activities that you enjoy doing, find one now.  You want to develop the qualities you began to form.  If the activities you are participating in are fun, but you don't feel they are helping you to establish your passions and enhance your self-growth, find opportunities that will enhance those things.  More Information.

One of your most important years of high school.  Each registry class will get a tour and information session in the VICCI Center.  You will also have n individual meeting with your guidance counselor in the Spring to talk about developing/exploring a college list, how to choose a senior year schedule and which college entrance exams you should consider taking.  You will also have Junior Workshops that will provide you with a basis for understanding what goes into the college search process.  Don't procrastinate, start planning now!  More Information.

Congratulations!  You've made it to your senior year at Lowell (not an easy task)!  This is the culmination of four years of your hard work, academic rigor, developing your self, finding your best friends, learning how to self-schedule your classes, and how to convince your counselor you need a schedule change. The college application process is right around the corner and you will put in many hours, hard work, and tears to get through it.  it will be worth it in the end when you have that Lowell High School diploma in hand and are crossing that stage.  Enjoy your last year at Lowell and make the most of your time here academically, personally, and socially! More Information.

Plan Your Time at Lowell

Every student should create an academic plan early in high school!

When you set goals for yourself, you are setting yourself up to meet these goals and possibly exceed them.  Every student has required courses, set by the San Francisco Unified School District, that must be taken.  However, at Lowell there are many options to choose from to meet these requirements.  Use the Course Planner to plan your schedule.  Also meet with your Counselor often to review the choices you made and if this plan will meet your needs for post-secondary education and career paths.  Each Academic Department offers a number of courses to give you a great selection to choose from.  Utilize the wealth of opportunities Lowell offers and create a schedule each year that fits your goals.