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The AP Discussion

Many students and parents have asked the question: "How many AP's should I, or my child, take each year?"  

Lowell High School does not limit the number of AP courses any student can take, nor are there restrictions on who can take an AP course.  However, the Counseling Department believes that each individual student has different abilities and performs at different levels.  Each student should take the time to meet with their Counselor and talk about their course schedule each year.  Every Counselor is available to meet with students and help them find a schedule that is both challenging, but also offers and good school-life balance.  Below are some articles regarding the "hot topic" of AP courses, citing both the benefits of taking these courses and the reality of how these courses can cause stress for our teenagers.

·  AP Courses: How many do colleges want? By Valerie Strauss The Washington Post

·  Stressful AP courses - a push for a cap EDUCATION High schoolers load up to get into top colleges Jill Tucker, SF Chronicle Staff Writer

·  Op-Ed: Advanced Pressure The filmmaker Vicki Abeles features the stories of students and teachers of Advanced Placement classes and the pressures they face in our achievement-obsessed culture. The New York Times

·  AP classes: A problem for Massachusetts high schoolers? By Linda K. Wertheimer In an era when elite high school students are filling their days with Advanced Placement courses, counselors and admissions officers say there can be too much of a good thing. The Boston Globe 

·  AP courses can boost GPA, but too many can overload a student By Jeff Hudson The Davis Enterprise