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About College Visits to the Center


College Visits


Every year more than 100 colleges send admissions representatives to speak at Lowell.  They usually have information packets, give a presentation and offer students an opportunity to ask questions.  Sometimes the representative is one of the people who will read your application.  The visits are a good chance for you to put a “face” on a college, to get a sense of what the college is looking for and to show the college you are interested in them.


Most visits take place in the VICCI Center.  Some visits, such as those of the more popular UC campuses, will be in the auditorium.  Check the VICCI Center calendar to verify the location.


Visits last about 45 minutes.  There are no sign ups.


Permission slips


If your teacher requires a permission slip, see your counselor. You may also obtain a Proof of Attendance slip for a visit that you attend.  Please ask a volunteer after the presentation.  If you tell your teacher well in advance about a college visit you wish to attend, most will be understanding.


Entering late to a visit


It is okay if you cannot arrive on time to a visit. Just enter the VICCI Center without disrupting the presentation. The same is true if you need to leave early.


Missed visits


College representatives often leave several copies of handouts after each visit. Check for these handouts either outside the VICCI Center door in the black magazine rack or in the VICCI Center file cabinets, please ask the volunteers for assistance.




Parents are welcome at the college visits, but may not ask questions until the students have asked all their questions.  Sit near the back, as students are given priority. In other words, the students are front and center, not you.




If you would like a certain college to visit, please let the volunteers in the VICCI Center know. There are also many college fairs and preview days in the Bay Area, so look out for those as well, as not every college can make a trip to Lowell.   See a list of some of the fairs and information sessions here.


Admissions Interviews


If you are interested in interviewing with a college, contact your counselor and/or the admissions department directly, as each college has its own procedures for interviews.