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Shield & Scroll

During the school year...

Need shield and scroll help? Fill out the attached form and submit it to the Shield and Scroll Mailbox (in a wire basket above the other mailboxes - number 85 if it wasn't changed from last year) . PLEASE SUBMIT REQUESTS AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE OF YOUR JOB DATE!!

Shield and Scroll Worker Request form

IMPORTANT - DO NOT SEND THIS FORM ELECTRONICALLY - IT LOSES ANY INFORMATION YOU TYPE INTO IT. IT IS MEANT FOR FILLING OUT AND THEN PRINTING.  If you want to email a request for shield and scroll workers, just type the information into the body of your email and don't use this form - make sure you give all specifics that the Worker Request Form asks for.  Send email requests to shieldscroll@gmail.com

*** New feature - this form is an editable PDF, so you can fill out the form by typing into it before you print it out.  ***  Courtesy of Nicholas Fong, S&S VP of Records `12

Thank  you,

Karl Hoffman

Shield and Scroll Faculty Sponsor

Requesting Shield and Scroll Workers over the summer

For Shield and Scroll requests over the summer, please email the following information to shieldscroll@gmail.com

*   Teacher/Administrator and Department
*   Job Date and LOCATION
*   Job Start and End Times
*   Number of Workers Needed
*   Shifts (if necessary)
*   Job description (type of work that the Shield and Scroll members will be doing)
*   Indicate if you want them to wear formal attire/beanie/nametag.

Thank you