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Nurse's Page

How can I manage the stress at Lowell?

Nurse Rainey strongly recommends that all students schedule a lunch.  You need the food. (Bring lunch from home or eat in the lunch line or beanery.)  Eating with friends is a social activity that feeds the body and feeds the soul. 

Choose your classes carefully.  Demanding classes might be interesting if they are in a favorite subject area.  Do not take advanced placement classes in subjects that do not interest you; the work involved will not be worth the effort.  Realize that there are a limited number of hours in the day, so limit the classes and the work that you schedule for yourself.  In addition to homework, allow enough time in your daily life for friends, exercise and maybe some romance. 

There are many markers of success.  Having good friendships, feeling good, feeling rested, and eating well are all markers of success.  It also can feel good to hard and succeed, to have feelings of accomplishment.  Learn to find a balance.

Is there any proof that I can have control over my stress at Lowell?

Yes!  Check out the “eight ways to increase good feelings (positive affect) in daily life” that have been proven by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco to make a measurable improvement in how you feel, even when there is stress in your life.  This document is on this same web page.

What is ‘stress’ and how can I best deal with my stress?

 Definitions of stress include feeling out of control, when the world seems unpredictable, not having the resources to cope, and / or feeling overwhelmed.

Destructive, addictive and not useful ways to manage stress, (while risking the development of an addiction and bad habits) include; cigarette use, alcohol use, use of illegal drugs, isolating yourself and bad eating habits.

Useful stress management strategies include; getting enough sleep (no less than seven hours on a school night),  doing yoga, exercising to double your heart rate for at least thirty minutes a day, enlisting the support of friends, thinking optimistic thoughts (see the glass as half full, not half empty), seeing the meaning in life, taking action to complete tasks, doing something for others (including your mother) and volunteer, preparing meals with family and friends, meditating, thinking about your favorite experiences for refreshment, bird watching like Nurse Rainey and see the beauty in life.