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Hello!  If you are new to Lowell, or JROTC by any means, welcome to our webpage!  Immediately you might assume that we are going to recruit you for the military (which a majority of the students at Lowell assume), but we most definitely do not.  First of all we are a group of people striving to become better citizens, using the military system to guide us, NOT recruit us.  In other words, we are very friendly!  Here is a selection of the material we cover in class...


-Financial Planning (How to manage your budget and savings)

-First Aid

-Aspects of U.S. government

-Dealing with Stress

-Personal Health

-The Environment

-Physical Education


As you can see, this class is friendly for ANY student to join, and also FULFILLS the P.E. requirement!

Outside of the class

Other than class, we contribute to the community.  You might consider this class to be an excuse to perform volunteering work (which helps in college apps as well).  Some events we attend include, but are not limited to




-8th grade nights

-Back to school nights

-Beach clean-ups


We sometimes have fun events after school occasionally, and note that people not in JROTC are welcome to attend!

Camp Parks JCLC 2014


          Ever wondered what people do during school with blue formal uniforms?  Join JROTC to find out!  We are NOT recruiting for the military, and by joining JROTC you are NOT getting drafted to the army by any means.  Need some motivation and/or leadership skills?  Ever wanted to know how it is like handling a group of people?  How to work with other people?  Some excuse to perform community service?  This might be the place/class for you!  Note that just because we call you a cadet does not mean you are a soldier (just a fancy way to refer to JROTC students).




Website for JROTC curriculum and recourses useful for coursework.


Website for Cadet Command, and Senior ROTC.