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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding UCs:

  • If a student who was admitted to UC receives a D or and F in an "a-g" class in the second semester of senior year, can he or she make up the class the summer after graduation?

    No, and an admitted student whose academic achievement has dropped in senior year should immediately contact the admissions office of the campus to which he or she was admitted and let them know. The admissions office at the campus can then best advise the student about his or her options.

  • How would a senior's evaluation be affected if she drops an AP course during the second semester?

    UC campuses do look at how many honors courses students are taking during senior year and expect a strong academic schedule during that year. Dropping a course could affect her admission. If planned coursework will change from what was described on the application, the student should let the campus admissions office know as soon as possible.

  • Can a high school student earn AP credit for a class taken freshman year? (The student earned a 4 on the AP test.)

    Since courses taken in the freshman year do not count toward the student's UC GPA, the student would not get the extra grade point usually awarded for AP and other honors courses. However, since the student passed the AP exam, he or she would receive UC credit.  More information on AP tests is available here.

  • If a student who has satisfied all his "a-g" requirements takes an extra math class and gets a D, will it be used in his GPA calculation?

    Grades in all "a-g" courses, even those in excess of the UC eligibility requirements, must be reported on the application and are used in the GPA calculation.

  • For which majors and at which campuses will the SAT Subject Tests be required?

    Beginning with students applying for the fall 2012 term, SAT Subject Tests no longer will be required and students who do not submit subject test scores will not be penalized during the review process. Some majors at some campuses, however, recommend particular tests, and applicants may submit subject test scores for consideration during the comprehensive review process much the way they do now with Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate scores. Additionally, subject exams still may be used to satisfy "a-g" subject requirements.